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The Growing School Gardens Summit is hosted by the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation in Partnership with Life Lab and the School Garden Support Organization (SGSO) Network. 

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Hosted By
In Partnership With
Life Lab
SGSO Network
As host of the summit, Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation is thrilled to bring together school garden professionals from across the country to share innovations and harness our collective power for future change.
With over 4 decades experience training school gardens educators, Life Lab is mixing up an inspiring recipe of engaging learning throughout the summit.
The School Garden Support Organization (SGSO) Network is convening various networking opportunities at the summit, and will document and share the learning that takes place and provide space and support for continued collaboration following the summit.


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The Growing School Garden Summit is created by School Garden Leaders for School Garden Leaders!














Blooming Classroom
Watsonville, CA


Our Summit Commitments

People - Place - Food

At this inaugural gathering the organizers are dedicated to hosting an experience that is respectful, representative of and accountable to our partners and participants. Below are the commitments, focused on People, Land (Place) and Food, that we are striving towards with the design and implementation of this summit:

  • Center our commitment to an equitable and just movement within all aspects of the summit’s planning, engagement and practices.
  • Creating a welcoming environment that considers the needs and comfort of all  attendees with particular focus on responding to ability, religion, race ethnicity, and LGBTQ+.
  • Increase accessibility by creating a gathering that is conscious of the cost associated with participation, strives for affordability and includes opportunities for financial support.
  • Is respectful and engages with the local communities and economy, including acknowledging Native and indigenous people and their traditional lands the gathering will be hosted on.
  • Centralizing the voices of young professionals in a meaningful way.
  • Decreasing the summit’s environmental impact by working with vendors, partners and participants to incorporate thoughtful actions and limiting waste.
  • Sustainable, Enlightening Food Service 

We are centering a commitment to building an equitable gathering, one that works to dismantle oppressive structures by fostering inclusion and justice. We acknowledge and celebrate diversity, and commit to ongoing dialogue, learning and building a more liberated system together.

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Now is the Time To Gather

School gardens are exceptional classrooms where hands-on experiences bring learning to life! Research shows that school gardens grow healthy kids, engaged learners, environmental stewards, and resilient, empowered youth.

This is especially important now as schools welcome students back to in-person learning after an unprecedented year of closures and school garden practitioners can rise to the occasion to strategize and re-energize. Together, we envision a gathering where we can dream big and harness the power of collective action centered on school gardens.

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